For Colleges and Departments

Requesting Access to College and Department Data

At end of each term, results are copied to a data warehouse maintained by Information Systems. For Fall terms, this happens during the first week of January. For Spring terms, Winter Session, and Summer Sessions, this happens about four days after grades are due. The data warehouse archives results and provides reports for college deans, department chairs, and their designees.

To gain access to SPOT results at the college or department level, send an email to the SPOT data steward, Jaime Williams (, in the Office of Assessment and Evaluation and copy the associate dean for instruction in your college. Provide your name, Virginia Tech PID, position, and the department(s) to which you need access.


Reports for Colleges and Departments

In January 2015, Virginia Tech implemented a new business intelligence (BI) system called MicroStrategy. Individuals with college and department level access can use this new tool to view SPOT results. See directions below.

Additional information about MicroStrategy, including tutorials and user support, can be found on the BIS Support Site. If you experience any issues logging in, accessing data, or running reports in MicroStrategy please send an email to the BIS support team (

Directions for running SPOT reports in MicroStrategy

1. Use your Virginia Tech PID and password to login:

2.  Select Shared Reports > STUDENT > SPOT.

3. Select a report:

SPOT-0001 College Overview – department and college means.

SPOT-0002 Department Overview – means for each instructor, section, and course within a department.

SPOT-0003 Instructor Overview – means for each section, course, and course-level taught by a particular instructor.

SPOT-0004 Comments – written comments organized by instructor or section within a department.

SPOT-0005 Physical Environment Items – means and written comments for the physical environment question.

SPOT-0006 Instructor Report – scaled responses and comments for all survey questions by instructor/CRN in a format similar to the report they access in Canvas at the end of every term.

SPOT-0007 Course Evaluation Summary – average scores and response counts for eight university-side questions, allowing results to be viewed by instructor or course.

4. Select filters by double clicking or using the blue arrow buttons. Filters limit the data that will be pulled for use in your report (more data = longer processing time).

Note about filter options:  Security settings impact what is visible to you.  For example, if you have access to results for the biology department, you should see only courses and instructors associated with biology.  You will see subjects other than biology if a biology instructor teaches courses in those subjects or if a biology course is cross-listed with another subject area.

5. Click the Run Document button (lower left corner of your screen).

6. Wait for the report to run. This may take seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of data being pulled for the report.  When the report is displayed, use grouping options and tabs (described below) to further refine what is included and how it is organized.

Use the GROUPING option (toward the top left of the report) to select particular results to display. Note that “all” is one of the options.

Use the tabs (across the top of each report) to view different levels of data aggregation within the same report.

Going back to the main menu will clear options and re-set filters.