Academic Program Assessment

The goal of academic program assessment is improved student learning and better programs. The unit of interest is the program and the focus is on student learning. Program assessment is an ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student learning at the program (e.g., degree) level. Annually, through reports due on June 30th, programs describe their assessment-related activities conducted over the year, with an emphasis on direct measures of student learning, suggested changes in curricula, policy, or programming that arise as a result of the data collected (i.e., action plans), and review of previous action plans and their effect on student learning.

It is not individual student, faculty, or course evaluation.


What is the difference between program assessment and program review?

Program review is a comprehensive review of a department that takes place every 5 years and incorporates information from the academic program assessment process as part of a fuller report.

2016-2017 Program Assessment Reporting

Each academic degree program, undergraduate or graduate, should report their assessment findings for the 2016-2017 academic year by June 30, 2017, using this chart for graduate and undergraduate degree programs or this chart for certificates. (see example program). 

For either option, each degree program should make sure to update their mission statement and list of student learning and program outcomes (5 to 8 learning outcomes and 2 to 3 program outcomes).  If possible, please report on 2 to 3 student learning and 1 or 2 program outcomes you examined during the 16-17 academic year. Please be aware that as we move forward with the assessment process we will continue to ask programs to report on several student learning and program outcomes each year.

For more specific information explaining the pieces requested, please see the handouts and workshop presentations posted on our assessment resources page.

If you need assistance or additional information, please feel free to contact: Steve Culver (, 231-4581) or Bethany Bodo (, 231-6003).


Program Assessment Planning Information

During the Spring 2015 semester a three-part, interactive workshop series was presented detailing how programs can design a manageable and effective assessment process. The PowerPoint presentations of these sessions are available below. The title for each of these sessions highlights the areas that were covered. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part I – Missions, Outcomes, and Curriculum Mapping
Description:  This session covered how to develop a program mission statement, how to design program and student learning outcomes, and how to create a program curriculum map that highlights student learning opportunities. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part II – Measures, Additional Mapping, Targets, and Analysis
Description: The topics covered during this session included choosing assessment methods, designing additional assessment planning maps, creating achievement targets, and analyzing the results of the assessments. 

Program Assessment Planning: Part III – Action Plan Development, Closing the Loop, and Reporting
Description: This presentation focused on assessment action planning, “closing the loop”, and reporting findings.